Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Glimpse: Quinn Dress

A reoccurring theme present in the VS. collection is the tension and mood created when opposite characteristics are paired together. An example of this theme experimented with throughout the collection is structure vs. drape/movement. The contrast between the fluidity and elegance of draped material and the rigidity and strength of form-fitting structure creates a crisp, contemporary air throughout the collection.

The Quinn dress, a simple, elegant black dress, features a flowing cowl neck and short loose cap sleeves. Directly beneath the bust the movement of the loose top is restrained by a structured high waist extending into a form-fitting skirt. Exploring the tension between the fluid top and the structured bottom has resulted in a modern, chic little black dress.

Written by Brianne

Photography by: ZAIDEN
Model: Christine Tozer

Monday, 18 July 2011

Glimpse: Dada Top

In the world of design it is important to allow yourself to find inspiration and value in everything you encounter. You should be able to explore the beauty of every seemingly useless item, whether it is a piece of garbage, a broken window, a construction site or a concrete slab. Beauty that does not immediately hit you in the face, but instead takes a few moments to uncover, and forces you to contemplate whether it is in fact beautiful, is often the most satisfying kind. It takes a certain amount of creativity and demented thinking in order to embrace the beauty of the unusual.

Photography by: ZAIDEN
Model: Christine Tozer

(Shown above is the Victory & Vice "Dada" top, with black on black text print.)

Below is an extended excerpt from a spam email filled with hauntingly strange broken prose. A few fragments of this excerpt are featured on the Dada top in the VS. collection.

"and knucklebones I twisted it free. It hung down from its
When they hit bottom I was wide-awake and sitting up in
your ship leaves an envelope will be delivered to the
repelling gear for operating in the planetary debris

pressure! Next thing you know the thing will be falling on
landing braces stopped vibrating. Buckling the fur cape

area in the back of the big store. There was a certain
He drained his glass and I made no attempt to explain to
engine and rolled out into the street, away from the

Written by Brianne

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Hunger

Artistically shot and visually stimulating 1983 film The Hunger is currently inspiring Victory & Vice. The pace and plot of the film is fantastically slow, with constant stunning imagery and a dark, glamorous atmosphere that has made The Hunger a cult vampire classic. The costume in the film is spot on, reflecting the sexy, moody atmosphere, with garments designed by Yves Saint Laurent. The Hunger features cat eyed sunglasses, veils, military caps and a stunning black and cream gown that is a Victory&Vice favourite.

Featuring an exceptional cast of Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie. We have embraced Catherine Deneuve's character as a Victory & Vice muse because of the harsh elegance she projects in the film, something that the FW 2011 collection embodies.