Friday, 12 August 2011

Glimpse: Velocity Top

Sometimes a design goes as planned, starting as a well thought out idea and becoming exactly what was initially envisioned by the designer. Sometimes a loose concept can be transformed into something unexpected when a designer discovers a fabric, a colour, a pattern, or a piece of hardware that provides the final push of inspiration, the missing piece that was needed to create something brilliant.

The Victory & Vice Velocity top began as a good idea, create a garment that is loose, comfortable, slightly casual, that still appears clean and sharp and makes the wearer feel sexy and confident. The slouchy top went through stages of experimentation, becoming slightly deconstructed with the exposed grosgrain ribbon detail. It wasn't until Victory & Vice fell head over heels for the perfect hardware, sleek, square and silver, that the garment transformed into the chic cinched top pictured below.

Written by Brianne

Photography by: ZAIDEN
Model: Christine Tozer

Friday, 5 August 2011

Inspired by: Robert Morris + Minimalism

The minimalist art movement emerged in New York in the 1960's in response to the chaotic, painterly style of abstract expressionism. It is characterized by geometric and cubic forms, neutral colours, industrial materials and repetition of shapes. In direct contrast to abstract expressionism, minimalist artists stripped their subject down to its most fundamental features, excluding the pictorial and illusionistic in favour of the literal, and avoided using art as a form of self expression.

When we happened upon American minimalist artist and sculptor Robert Morris, we were in awe of the dark, ghastly mood his work projects. The dark, hard edge of his work combined with the sleek minimalism is something we find completely inspiring!