Monday, 12 September 2011

Glimpse: Obscura Scarf

OBSCURA, a gorgeous, monochromatic silk scarf to dress up even the darkest of days. A haunting and mysterious design of sumptuous silk make it a go to piece for the cool autumn days. An ease to style this several ways and bring a unique aspect to any outfit.

PROCESS: This digital print silk scarf was designed in house after an afternoon of experimenting with ink block prints. After many discoveries and psychological assessments of what was seen, our favourite was choose and scanned. It was then rearranged into a beatuiful layered design, and sent off the the printers. Such an exciting moment when the fabric arrived, is was then stitched up and named it Obscura.

Some of our early observations were of horned demons, giraffes, and fairies. What do you see?

Find obsura here: